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You will be interviewed and assessed for your needs prior to entry into the home. All admissions are considered individually. We will ensure that you will live in a room suited to your needs. You will be shown that room and generally around the home. You will be able to express your opinion of the room or rooms that may be offered and we will endeavour to meet your requests.
You will have to be able to walk on your own, either with or without a walking aid; and if necessary with the assistance of carers. We will endeavour to keep you as mobile, active and stimulated as possible, whilst recognising that you may find activities increasingly difficult. Our policy is to assist you to maintain as high as possible your quality of life.
We reserve the right to decide after assessment that you may not be suited to the home, whether that be limited to your mobility/problems, or other states of health. This may be temporary until a suitable room becomes available.

We acknowledge that settling into a new home takes time and we allow a period of four weeks for us to get to know each other better. At the end of this period we generally know whether you can stay permanently with us.


After your arrival and settling in, your welcoming carer will ask you about your diet, your likes and dislikes, whether you are on a special diet e.g. fat free, low sugar, gluten free ete. This information will be passed down to the kitchen and the cook. We will note at this time your preferences for the day and your preferred breakfast next day. We will record your daily breakfast requirements at this time. You are however free to change your breakfast requirements as often you like



There are two separate living areas, dividing our residents into differing ability social groups. Our purpose is to provide a Homely environment where you can enjoy your lives in a safe manner, with dignity, emotional support and companionship.

Full facilities are listed below

  • All bedrooms have en-suite lavatory and washing facilities. Bedrooms are tastefully furnished with matching modern furniture comprising a wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table. Rooms are fitted with a television aerial point, telephone point and carer call alarm. An automatic night mobility alarm is installed if you are at risk of falling.
  • All bedroom radiators are fitted with individual thermostats, allowing you to control the heating in your room.
  • All our bedrooms are tastefully decorated with coordinating bedding and curtains.
  • You may bring some of your personal furniture, TVs etc. into the home, providing the room remains practical, safe and the incoming items conform to fire Regulations. All electrical items must first be checked by the Home to ensure their electrical safety is fine. We will record and sign for all items of furniture & valuables you bring into the home and again record when they are removed.
  • We hope that you will personalise your room with pictures, photographs and ornaments etc, of your choosing.
  • There is full Double Glazing throughout the home, keeping it cosy throughout the year.
  • There are two large comfortable lounges, equipped with colour televisions and music centres.
  • There is a Sun Lounge, equipped with well stocked book shelves and offering quiet views of the garden
  • We have two dining areas, tastefully furnished to enhance an informal atmosphere.
  • Bathing facilities in two Parker (sit & tilt) baths in beautifully decorated bathrooms, a further conventional bathroom and a shower room.
  • Large, well maintained garden with flower border and fruit trees.
  • Two paved seating areas are sited at the rear of the building overlooking the garden. A selection of garden furniture is provided for you and your families' use.
  • Two five-person passenger lifts provide easy access to the upper floor.
  • Fire Alarms conform to regulations and there is emergency lighting too.
  • Carer Call Alarm is also sited in living and communal areas.
  • The Notice covering Procedure in case if a fire is placed around the home. Regular fire practices are performed by the staff to ensure their familiarity with this Procedure.

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Each day our Manager Jinny or other member of staff will offer you the menu choices for the current day for you to choose from. Your lunch meal will be a choice from one or two options or if you are unhappy with the menu, you may select a preference of you own. In particular we have considerable flexibility at Tea time. The weekly Menu is on display at the entrance to both dining areas and a sample one is enclosed at the end of this page.

We aim to make Catherine Miller House as much a "Home-from-Home" place as possible and whilst we minimise our rules and regulations for you in the home, we encourage you, in your best interests to participate in structured day. A typical day would unfold as follows:

Morning starts with a hot drink if required. This will be followed by a morning wash, shower (or bath if required), dressing and personal grooming. You will receive what assistance you may need with these tasks from our carers.

Breakfast is served between the hours of 7:00am - 8:30am either in the dining areas or in your room. A wide choice is available. We offer as standard prunes, grapefruit and orange juice, a selection of 9 different breakfast cereals including hot porridge throughout the year!, white or brown toast, marmalade & jam, tea or coffee.

Lunch is served in the dining rooms between 12:30pm - 1:30pm or if you prefer in your room.

Supper is served in the dining rooms around 5:00pm - 6:00pm or if you prefer in your room.

Tea, Coffee & Biscuits are served mid morning and mid afternoon either in the lounge or in you room.

Around 8pm an Evening hot drink of Horlicks, Ovaltine, Milky Coffee, Chocolate or other preferred drink is provided.

Throughout the day or night, a hot or cold drink and light snack may always be requested.

Sherry is served mid-morning on sundays.

Tea & Coffee making facilities may be brought into your rooms subject to Jinny being satisfied that there is no risk to safety.

Please feel free to invite family & friends to join us at tea times.



During the morning we would encourage you out of your room; and weather and ability permitting, to take a walk to the local shops, into the park opposite, go into our lovely garden, or interact as you prefer.

After lunch, the afternoon is a time for a snooze, read, television or radio, and further chats with friends.

Mid-afternoon we frequently offer such activities as games afternoons, quizzes, bingo, karaoke sessions, an exercise class and entertainers. In summer, we try to accompany you out to the park as well.

We will, if you don't object, celebrate your birthday with a party for all residents to join with you. We'll have a lovely cake, music and dancing, party food and any special tit-bits you like.

Both mornings and afternoons we welcome relatives and friends to take you out into the town and to visit old friends, continue to participate in existing hobbies, sports or other pastimes. There are a number of social clubs which residents attend and local places of worship are also visited. Ministers of Religion are invited into the home at pertinent times of the year. Your family and friends are invited to be fully involved in all activities in the home including joining us at all social events we hold.

In the evening you may retire to bed at whatever your preferred time may be. Assistance will be given by carers if you so need.

We have regular Resident meetings with ,inny, where you can make suggestions on such topics as the menu, activities and so on. We are furthermore always willing to accept criticism on any matter and will attempt to sort matters out.



We are regularly visited by regularly by Doctors, the Chiropodist. our Hairdresser; and more occasionally by the Dentist and Optician and other Specialist Medical Practitioners. You make keep your existing doctor providing they agree to visit you here; alternatively you may change to our main Doctor's Practice.

Our local District Nurses attend to basic medical attention which is beyond that permitted to carers to perform; however our Senior care and other trained staff attend to all daily administration of medication and Carers offer personal assistance to residents as required.


On payment by yourselves and/or a Council, you are entitled to all your personal needs being fulfilled. All our residents are treated equally according to their needs. These needs include all your housing, heating, foods, laundry, personal assistance, personal interaction and all such support as needed to comply with our Aims & Objections stated below.

The following will be arranged / purchased by the home, but be paid-for by you either from your own pocket. from petty cash stored individually in the Home's safe or by your family. These are: Private Telephone Line, Newspapers, Chiropody, Hairdressing, Dry Cleaning, Personal Toiletries, Sweets etc, Taxis to and from Hospital and similar visits. We ask whenever possible for a member of your family to accompany you to the hospital for routine or pre-arranged visits. Where you must be accompanied to hospital by a member of staff who subsequently leaves you there, you are responsible for their return fare. We do not however make a charge for the accompanying staff's time at present. This will however remain open to review on a personal basis should we feel that the home's position is being abused.



The purpose of the home is to care for the elderly who are not able, or have chosen not to live independently. Our aim is to ensure residents achieve their potential physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. This is to be enabled by sensitive recognition and nurturing of that capacity in each resident with an awareness that an individual's ability may change with time. We provide a warm, comfortable home, in good decorative order with well maintained grounds for use by the residents, friends and family. We encourage and facilitate within the home social activities such as card games, scrabble, bingo, and general stimulating entertainment.

We maintain sufficient staff to ensure residents are cared for in a safe, clean, supportive environment. We aim to provide a homely atmosphere throughout Catherine Miller House with a wholesome, well presented, varied and balanced diet. Snacks and drinks may be requested day or night. We aim to make the residents' lives comfortable, happy and secure with the assistance of our dedicated and trained staff.


Preservation of self respect amongst those who depend on the support of others hinges on the status they are allowed. It is essential that privacy of space, the right to hold and express opinions or keep them quiet are afforded residents by staff, with a recognition of talents, sensitivities and beliefs. Courtesy and respect for residents should include the manner in which they wish to be addressed, avoiding being overly familiar or disrespectful, an awareness of what is personal and private - physically, spiritually and materially.


Residents have the basic right of self determination and should not be regimented to rigid routines. freedom of choice is essential. Choices can be negotiated and agreed between residents and staff. Some vulnerable residents may need help to express wishes, preferences and areas of concern. Residents who wish for external consultation, advice and representation should be enabled to gain access to these facilities. Staff should welcome the involvement of the care home advisers.


Staff should be responsive to the material and spiritual needs and requirements of individual residents. They should be aware of and provide for religious, ethnic and cultural observances, both dietary and ritual. The sense of continuity and past traditions must be understood by staff and a willing acceptance by staff of personal differences in dress, food preferences and lifestyle. Residents are encouraged to personalise their own room both decoratively and with appropriate possessions.

The Home actively encourages celebration of birthdays and annual events, welcoming the participation of relatives and friends. We are also sensitive to the anniversaries of sad life events. In the event of a bereavement within the home, staff will be alert to the grief of residents and offer comfort and support and the acknowledgement of the passing of a friend. We wiII endeavour to facilitate the attendance at the funeral of those residents who may wish to pay their respects. We do not impose unnecessary rules and regulations on residents.

Individual care plans will be put into effect with a key worker taking specific responsibility for a small number of residents. Residents have the right to change key worker without difficulty or recrimination if they choose.


The qualities, experiences and talents of residents must be valued. A knowledge of and respect for the individual's life history creates identity for both residents and staff. A positive regard for their family and friends reinforces the esteem in which residents are held which is paramount to the morale of residents. Families and friends are welcome throughout the day to visit residents.


The emotional needs of, residents should be recognised and the differing needs for expressed behaviour and human contact respected. RISK Responsible risk taking should be regarded as normal and residents will not be discouraged from undertaking certain activities on the grounds of an element of risk. Over-protection and excessive concern for safety may lead to infringement of residents' rights. Those competent to judge the risk to themselves may do so, as long as they do not threaten the safety and quality of life of others.


We encourage and assist residents to continue their social and religious activities outside the home and maintain previous contact with friends, relatives, friends, doctors ete. whenever possible. We welcome the involvement of ministers of religion within the home. We arrange the mobile library, chiropodist, dentist, optician and any other services required. We offer to take the residents out for trips, walks and participation any local activities taking place.


Residents will be consulted and positively encouraged to participate in shared decision-making relating to their home and way of life. The owners are available and supportive to staff's and residents' needs.


Residents have the right of access to health and remedial services. We maintain a high standard of care and encourage health training and awareness amongst staff within the facilities available. It is the intention that residents will be accommodated within the home for their full life span.

FLEXIBILITY Accommodation, equipment and staffing skills will be adapted to the changing needs of residents.


All staff must have a commitment to the Home's Aims and Objectives and be willing to take advantage of opportunities for further training, enabling an excellence of care. We are selective in our choice of staff and value them and their commitment to Catherine Miller House.


The Right to be fully involved in and informed about the assessment of individual needs and continuing personal and social care plans.

The Right to retain personal independence and choice including the right to care for themselves.

The Right to receive personal care from a member of the same sex whenever possible.

The Right have personal privacy respected including mail, belongings and affairs.

The Right to have cultural, religious and emotional needs respected.

The Right to mix with other people in the community whether by going out of the home or by inviting friends in.

The Right to choose his/her own general practitioner and dentist, and the opportunity to consult with them in private.

The Right not to be moved to another bedroom without full consultation.

The Right to have full information on how to gain access to statutory complaints procedures and to be represented by friends or advocate if they so wish.

The Right to information and consultation on decisions affecting welfare including daily living and to participate in any discussions on proposed changes.

Supporting this final right, we hold regular Resident Meetings, enabling you to express as a group any complaints, compliments or suggestions about staff, food, entertainment or other issues. Minutes of the meeting are issued to you and staff are informed. We furthermore listen to all comments, compliments and complaints made by you, your families and representatives and act on these accordingly. A Comments form is available from the office. Completed forms are passed to the Manager or Owners.

We are committed to taking all complaints seriously and are duty-bound to listen to, record and endeavour to resolve all valid complaints. No one will be victimised for making a complaint. Where a formal complaint is made, it will be acknowledged within 24 hours and a response is made within seven days. Where a complaint is valid we guarantee an apology and will take action to prevent reoccurrence. Full details may be found in our Comments Procedure. Where a complaint is made, it is reported to the person in charge. If no remedy can be found, the complaint is recorded on a Comment Form and presented to the Manager at the earliest opportunity. Should the complainant find the Home's investigation and adjustment unsatisfactory the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) should be contacted for their independent investigation. They may be contacted as follows:

Commission for Social Care Inspection
South Essex Area Office, Kingswood House, Baxter Avenue, Southend on Sea Essex SS2 6BG
Tel: 01702 236010 Fax: 01702 236056 Email:

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FOOD Our menus rotate on a 4-weekly cycle and are seasonally revised 4 times per year. As can be seen from the menus, displayed on both dining rooms and the kitchen, you are provided with a varied, wholesome, appetising and tasty diet. Our Senior Cook, who has City & Guilds qualifications in Catering, ensures meals are nutritious, well balanced and served at the right temperature. The menus are discussed between the Manager and Cook every morning; and may be adjusted according to that day's weather. We ensure you receive a substantial quantity of both fresh fruit and vegetables. Your individual requirements are accounted for, by way of likes and dislikes, mode of preparation and quantities required. We ensure whenever possible that you receive as much as you want. Fuller details of the day's meals have been stated earlier.

When it comes to special occasions, for example birthdays, we will provide a special tea including your requested foods where possible. Birthdays are generally celebrated as a party get-together, with a birthday cake and candles and party food.

We also alter the daily meals on occasions, to take account of seasonal specialities, or offer an unusual treat. We recognise that you might be a slow eater or need some assistance to eat. You will not be hurried to complete your meal but allowed to eat at your own pace.

We recognise that as individuals you all have different food likes and dislikes. We welcome your requests for occasional titbits that you would like but we cannot make luxury purchases You are however welcome at any time to discuss with Jinny and the Cook whether we can fit in cooking certain specialities which you can bring into here. Because fridge and freezer space is limited we ask that you do not bring too much in at one time

YOUR CARE PLAN Your care plan is produced so that we can specify and quantify your needs. We reassess your physical, mental, emotional and personal needs monthly and changes are noted. These changes may be discussed with doctors, district nurses or your family, and of course yourself whenever possible. If necessary, these changes that we observe may alter the instructions given to our staff, how to help and look after you. As in any quality care programme, you are however continuously monitored and we operate a process of altering care of and assistance, according to your daily needs

SAFETY Our Safety policy allows smoking in designated areas only and regular risk assessments are made your ability to cope safely will vary. Staff are trained to look for any electrical item appearing dangerous, as well as any other items which may endanger a resident. This must be reported back to the home's management. The Fire and Safety policy dictates how to attend to a fire and evacuation procedures when appropriate. Staff Fire Instructions are furthermore posted around the building. The fire alarm is tested weekly along with fire door closure.

OUTSIDE HELP We work fuIly with the local S.E. Essex Advocacy Service For Older People, where you can receive external independent legal assistance of whatever kind. FuIl details are located on our haIl notice-board beside the pay-phone. The Advocacy Service is located at 181 london Road, Southend on Sea. Telephone: (01702) 340 566.

HOSPITAL VISITS We ask whenever possible that a family member accompany you on these visits. However when on occasions this is impossible, we wiII do our utmost to provide an accompanying carer. When it is necessary for a resident to be transported to hospital at night by ambulance, it may not be possible for a carer to accompany that resident since we must maintain the staffing levels within the Home. We wiII however notify your family of any such circumstance as soon as possible.


Breakfast - Every Day

Choice from: Fruit Juice, Prunes, Grapefruit, Yoghurt, Selection of cereals, Toast, Jam or Marmalade, Tea or Coffee

Ham, Eggs & Croquettes. Fruit Crumble & Custard
Potato & Leek Soup. Kippers with Bread & Butter or Selection of Sandwiches. Tea & Cake.


Steak & Kidney Pie. Creamed Potatoes. Vegetables. Fruit & Ice Cream.
Mushroom Soup. Chipolatas & Tomatoes or Selection of Sandwiches. Tea & Cake.


Smoked Haddock. Boiled or Creamed Potatoes. Green Beans. Bread & Butter Pudding & Evap. Milk
Tomato Soup. Baked Beans or Spaghetti on Toast or Selection of Sandwiches. Tea & Cake.


Chicken Casserole. Creamed Potatoes. Vegetables. Mousse.
Scotch Broth. Sausage Rolls & Bread & Butter or Selection of Sandwiches. Tea & Cake.


Fish, Chips & Peas. Apple Pie & Custard
Minestrone Soup. Cheesy Corned Beef Hash or Selection of Sandwiches. Tea & Cake.


Shepherds Pie. Treacle Tart & Custard.
Chicken Soup. Egg & Bacon or Selection of Sandwiches. Tea & Cake.

Mid-Morning Sherry
Roast Lamb, Roast Potatoes. Yorkshire Pudding. Vegetables. Mint Sauce. Fruit Flan & Cream
Top of PageVegetable Soup. Pork Pie & Garnish. Selection of Sandwiches. Tea & Cake.

A hot drink will be served on wakeup if required. Mid Morning tea is provided. Mid-afternoon tea & biscuits are provided. An evening drink of tea, coffee, Horlicks or Ovaltine are provided. Hot or cold drinks or a light snack are additionally available 24hrs a day.

There are always alternative choices available should you not want the meal of the day. These include salmon, smoked haddock, omelettes, kippers &sandwiches. Please make your wishes known to the cook as soon as possible.

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